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Welcome to Issue 3 of Tangled Web Magazine, and thanks for being with us. There’s a common thread running through the stories in this issue. While diverse, they each pose an ethical, moral, or social question. For instance, one story asks if AI can truly feel pain, and if it did, would it be acceptable to inflict suffering. Another asks how an alcoholic shoplifter can reform his life, and must we wait until we feel strong enough to change our lives for the better. As I said, it’s a diverse bunch.

I hope you are entertained, shocked, and moved by the stories you find in these pages.

As we begin to settle into our groove with Tangled Web Magazine, I’ve been taking stock of the journey we’ve been on to date. Our first two issues attracted over 3,000 readers, we’ve published twenty-one authors, and tripled the size of our team.

I like to think we’re building a community of readers and writers, brought together by our shared love of crime and speculative fiction. I’m so grateful for the interest you’ve shown in this magazine. But that’s enough from me. Get comfortable and enjoy.

Until next time,

Craig Kelly


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