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An outsider which links to the theme of the current short story contest

Spring Prompt


Write a fantasy story on the theme outsiders.

We've all felt lonely, misunderstood, or burdened by past experiences. Perhaps your 
protagonist is the outsider. Maybe it's a group or community. The ideas presented in your story could be the outsiders, unorthodox in the world you create. Or it could even be your world itself that's the outsider.

Your story doesn't need to include a character like Geralt or Auri, but it could.

The winning submission and shortlisted stories will be published in Mirk Fantasy Magazine. Our editor-in-chief, Craig Kelly, will choose the winning entry from a shortlist.


Best writing contests of 2023 as recommended by Reedsy badge.

Contest guidelines


Word count: 1,000 to 2,500


Simultaneous submissions: Yes


Multiple submissions: Yes. An entry fee must be paid for each story.


Format: Double spaced and in Times New Roman 12pt. 


Identifying information: Please do not include any identifying information in the document, but you should save the document as [STORY TITLE:SURNAME].


Payment: The winner of each contest is awarded £100.


Entry fee: £5


Bios and Headshots: Include a third-person bio up to 100 words. If you would like your photo printed beside your story, then please include a headshot with your submission. 


Response times: We respond to all submissions within one month after the contest deadline. 


Contract: We ask for exclusive first publication rights and archival rights. On publication, rights revert to you. That means you can publish your story elsewhere immediately. All we ask is you credit the relevant magazine (Tangled Web Magazine or Mirk) as the first home for your story.


This also means you can ask us to remove your story from our website at any point if it helps you sell it elsewhere. 

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