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Join our team

Launching and running literary magazines is an enormous undertaking. We are currently a team of six dedicated folk running everything from short story acquisition, design, social media, editing, and admin. It’s great fun, but it’s tough. 


With that in mind, we’re looking to add to our small team. If you think you could help, and you’d like to get involved in two exciting new genre magazines, then we’d love to hear from you! 


Book reviewers


We want to grow the book review sections for both Tangled Web Magazine and Mirk. Our hope is to have regular reviews posted to the website, not just in each issue of a magazine. That's why we're looking to add some more book reviewers to our team. 


What you get:

  • A platform to get your reviews in front of a wider audience. We've totalled over 5,000 readers since our launch a year ago.


To apply, send us a short bio including any relevant experience, and an example of some of your work (if appropriate), by email to:

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