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Two magazines, one regular contest, and always free to read

Best writing contests 2023 as recommended by Reedsy.


We regularly run a themed contest. The winner receives £100, publication, and a published comment from us about why we chose their story. Runners up are also published, alongside stories from our general submissions pile. 

You have three months to submit your stories after we announce the contest theme, and all writers receive a response within a month of the deadline. 

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Embrace the power of imagination and creativity in our special short story contest, ‘Freedom’. We invite you to explore the theme of freedom through the genres of crime, speculative, and fantasy fiction. Whether you delve into the depths of a dystopian cityscape, uncover the secrets of a magical realm, or navigate the intricacies of a criminal underworld, let your imagination run wild as you craft a tale that explores the timeless quest for liberation and the pursuit of freedom.


Submit your most thrilling and thought-provoking short stories to our special contest, with the winner and shortlisted entries published in our special bumper issue coming out this autumn. This will be a crossover of Tangled Web Magazine and Mirk Fantasy Magazine, and it will showcase the very best of Inspiring Fiction. 


The quest for freedom awaits—are you ready to answer the call?


Entries must be received by 31st July, 2024

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