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Two magazines, one quarterly contest, and always free to read

Best writing contests 2023 as recommended by Reedsy.


We run a themed contest each quarter. The winner receives £100, publication, and a published comment from us about why we chose their story. Runners up are also published, alongside stories from our general submissions pile. 

You have two months to submit your stories after we announce the contest theme, and all writers receive a response within a month of the deadline. 

1 year in

Over 5,000

29 authors


AUTUMN prompt


Write a fantasy short story on the theme Belonging. 


Whether it’s a character who will not leave home, a misfit on a quest with a ragtag group, or the chosen one who embraces her destiny. 


What does belonging mean to your characters, and how do they react if something causes them to question if they still belong? 


Deadline: 31st October

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