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Best writing contests 2023 as recommended by Reedsy.


We run a themed contest each quarter. The winner receives £100, publication, and a published comment from us about why we chose their story. Three runners up are also published, alongside stories from our general submissions pile. 

You have two months to submit your stories after we announce the contest theme, and all writers receive a response within a month of the deadline. 

9 months in

Nearly 3,000

Published 14

An outsider which is the theme of the current writing contest.

Spring Prompt


Write a fantasy story on the theme outsiders.

We've all felt lonely, misunderstood, or burdened by past experiences. Perhaps your 
protagonist is the outsider. Maybe it's a group or community. The ideas presented in your story could be the outsiders, unorthodox in the world you create. Or it could even be your world itself that's the outsider.

Your story doesn't need to include a character like Geralt or Auri, but it could.

The winning submission and shortlisted stories will be published in Mirk Fantasy Magazine.

Submissions close Sunday, 30th April.

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